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The Charity/ Empowerment Day “Shop for free 2017”. Help Initiative in synergy with SAF Foundation hosted the “rural women” indigent’s families and orphanages at the Palms Shopping Mall, Ring road Ibadan. The women were empowered with entrepreneurship trainings/health talk, clothing’s, and household items while the teenagers were empowered with sanitation/ hygiene talk and sanitary pads.


In fulfillment of the sustainable development goals 1, 2, 3 & 10, Help Initiative and SAF on 27th October 2018, carried out “The Love Drive” outreach for grassroots women and less privileged families @ the Jericho Shopping Mall ,Ibadan.

Through income generating activities like training on skills acquisition and business education, community women have been supported. This intervention has helped some households with startup grants to start their businesses. This has received a high rate of success and has also given birth to a cooperative society which is being run by the women themselves with Help Initiative providing supervisory roles. They meet fortnightly at Help Initiative

Administrative office.


Tabitha Home is a care and transitional Home for Vulnerable Children, operated by Help Initiative since 15th August 2014. It is located at #2 Kole Drive Joyce B Road, Ring Road, Ibadan, Oyo
State Nigeria.

Tabitha Home was born out of the desire to erase the stigma attached to the orphan and vulnerable status, creating a leverage of equality for them among their peers irrespective of their circumstances and situations.

Tabitha Home Kid’s Club is a social club which encourages children to be expressive through songs, play, choreography, teachings and tales. This activity is been moderated by Help Initiative Volunteers and Staff. The children are given social and educative opportunities, this is done through art, entertainment, motivational talks, social interactions, debate and counseling support.

On weekly and monthly basis, we provide nutritional services to orphanages since 2006. This involves serving highly nutritious food and other provisions to supplement what the home provides. Help Initiative intends to extend this ongoing exercise to more orphanages in
the nearest future.

For over 10 years, Help Initiative has sponsored Orphans and Vulnerable Children through elementary to Higher Learning Institutions.

Beneficiaries of our Scholarship Scheme are graduates of Colleges of Education and Universities; some has also acquired skills in different areas.