Based on the level of discrimination and disadvantages faced by young girls, Help Initiative sought to empower girls between the ages of 9-24 years on Gender Equality, Sanitation and Hygiene, Female Genital Mutilation, Defense Against Abuse. We reached out to over 1,500 girls between August and October with capacity building and distribution of 960 packs if sanitary pads. We visited His Heritage Home, Tabitha Home, Kent Home, Total Parentage Guidance, Jesus Children Mission Orphanage, Rochas Foundation College, Oke Bola Comprehensive College, St. Brigids College and Ile-Akere Community all in Ibadan, Oyo State.

Help Initiative collaborated with Sammy and Fola Foundation (SAF), a Non Governmental Organization for effectiveness of project. The project team comprised of Staff, Volunteers and International Consultants. The project was carried out in alignment with our goals, adequately measuring at every point its impact on the target group of girls.